Saturday, October 9, 2010

How did this get here?

Well, for starters, this blog is about tomboys. I'm using the word "tomboy" as a short term to describe a lot of different women -- boyish girls, tough women, crossdressers and drag kings, reverse traps, crossplayers, even "fakebois". 
This site was sparked by an attempt to analyze yaoi and its impact on women and their gender identities. It was also largely inspired by the presence of various yaoi-flavored "fakeboi" profiles on certain websites -- "fakebois" essentially being reverse-traps or pre-hormonal FtMs who simply pick a boys' name and create a fictional profile around it, featuring pictures of themselves dressed as their male alter-ego. It's nothing to get worked up over, but having met some of these people IRL, sometimes there are issues there that need to be addressed.

All I'm trying to do is help people get their heads sorted -- I provide the information, you make the choice. I really also mean to tell people that they're not alone, they're not crazy, and they're hardly as weird as they think they are. I'm not trying to perpetuate hate or misinformation against any specific group or kind of person. 

If you're just reaching this blog for the first time and wondering where to begin, I recommend starting with my essay about girls who want to become boys. Sound like you? Better CLICK HERE to start reading.

CLICK HERE for FAQ and a list of some of the terms I'm using, or if you have questions after reading my essay.

If you're already a tomboy (or a fan of them) CLICK HERE for some sweet pictures and CLICK HERE for some style inspiration. CLICK HERE for an (under-construction) list of some real-life awesome tomboys and CLICK HERE to get a list of some of my favorite movies, books and shows that focus on tomboys.

Last but not least, CLICK HERE for a little bit about me, or to contact me about the blog. I'm always interested in feedback.

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