Awesome Tomboys

This section is going to largely be user-created: I'm hoping the tomboys and androgynes who are comfortable with the idea would be willing to contribute a short bio. It's great that we can identify comrades from among models and movie-stars, but a lot of tomboys are just average kids who are trying to be themselves.

Feel free to contribute! Just fill out the form below and email to . You don't have to send a personal pic if you don't want to. Sending an (original) artwork would be fine as well :)

My name is:
I identify as:
My hobbies are:
How I found this blog:

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My name is: Sho
I identify as: A tomboy or a reverse-trap. Pronouns don't matter much to me these days.
My hobbies are: Cosplaying, videogames, watching film and anime, drawing and writing. I also love to sew and cook (gasp! how feminine! XD)
How I found this blog: Well, I wrote it :)
Comments: I just want other tomboys, reverse-traps and androgynous women to know that they're amazing and nothing is wrong with them. So many of us get crap from society just for things like wearing boys' shirts or men's ties, or having short hair, or playing soccer. Just being ourselves makes society realize that not all girls are ultra-girly all the time, and there's nothing wrong with that.