Why did you start this site?>> I have a pretty significant interest in cosplay and anime, specifically crossplay and yaoi/yuri. Being into these things and also being a little older than your average fan, I would run into lots of young fujoshi/crossplayers who were extremely eager to talk to me about their gender issues, how they "should" have been boys and how nobody could understand them. I want to emphasize that I'd never tell anyone their issues are "only a phase" -- I'm not a therapist and I don't really know how someone else feels. BUT a lot of these teens and young adults seemed to have unrealistic expectations, or wanted to change their gender for rather insubstantial reasons. Many of them seemed to be sunk into woman-hating beliefs (usually planted by their parents), and becoming a boy was a way to avoid being all the negative things they assumed to be an unavoidable part of being a girl.

So you hate men, right? >> LOL no. I'm not attracted to men but I don't hate them ;) I think a lot of women, though, are prejudiced in favor of men because they're taught to believe that men are stronger, more capable and just generally "better" than women.

So you hate Female to Male transsexuals, then?
>> I don't hate FtMs either. I only want to help people make the distinction between "wanting to be treated with respect, like a man" or "wanting to be tall and strong and handsome, like a man" and "wanting to be a man." I think it benefits transgendered and cisgendered people alike when we establish that there's a difference here.

Am I transgendered? 
>> I really can't tell you that, but I can honestly recommend you talk to your therapist if you feel you might be trans. Only a licensed professional can help you make that determination, not strangers on the internet.  However, this is a good mental exercise: picture how your life would be if everyone already treated you as if you were a boy. Nobody called you a girl and nobody treated you like one. Now, would you still feel a need to take hormones? Or would you be happy and content just being regarded as a guy? Because if all you want is to be treated like a boy, not to actually be one...the problem here is with society, not with you. It's a fact that boys and girls are regarded differently and have different expectations, but this is a social issue.

I want to be androgynous/tomboyish but don't know how, help!>> We have a link for that! All the help you need to find your inner bifauxnen, tomboy or androgyne, whatever that might look like. CLICK HERE for more info.

But I'm not lesbian T^T>> You can absolutely still be tomboyish if you're attracted to men. There are surprising numbers of men interested in the tomboy type; the impression you may have gotten from the media would tell you that even slightly boyish women are unappealing to men, but this is false.