Tomboy Style

So! You've already decided you are a tomboy (or boyish girl, reverse-trap, androgyne or what-have you), or maybe just an admirer...but don't know where do go from here? Tired of your jeans and tees and looking to start anew? Let me give you some help in finding your own androgynous style.

This page is mainly for random pictures of tomboyish women, highlighting different styles of clothing. Most of these pictures are of Park Yonghee, a Korean model and ulzzang and one of my personal style inspirations.

You do not need to spend hundreds of dollars on special-ordering a new wardrobe in order to look boyish -- many different styles can be easily replicated with a few items from a Wal-Mart or resale shop. Tomboy haircuts can be accomplished simply by printing a hairstyle pic and bringing it to your stylist (and if they argue with you about the haircut being too "boylike" -- it's happened to me before! -- find a new stylist!)

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Casual - A simple t-shirt and jeans can look amazing if you know how to rock it. Wearing men's (or boy's) jeans can give you a more androgynous appearance -- you don't want skintight clothing but try to avoid extremely baggy shirts/pants to avoid looking heavier.

Glam - Take a bit of style inspiration from j-rockers and long-haired 80's rockstars. Combining feminine and masculine elements can make you quite attractively androgynous.

Dandy/Ouji/Kodona - Here's another style that really works for tomboys. A bit sophisticated, a bit gothic. It's sometimes considered the "male" equivalent to lolita. Again, many kodona-like items can be found from regular stores.

Schoolboy - Tomboys often stay "boyish" looking for many years, and one of the cuter (slightly dressier) styles is the "schoolboy" look -- often this is closely related to kodona, but a bit simpler.

Men's Formal - Need I say more? Nothing is more classic than a hot tomboy, or androgynous woman, in a men's suit. This is a timeless look for bifauxnen.

Marlene Dietrich, famous actress

Katharine Hepburn, yet another famous actress.